Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Iced in

It has been a while... sorry about that.

I am starting to feel better from my latest surgery. So, to keep count, I now no longer have:
  • Appendix
  • Gall Bladder
  • Wisdom Teeth
So, from what I see, the only things left are my tonsils and 1 kidney (don't want to lose the kidney though).

Oh, I also have extra titanium in my left ankle area.

So, my score is -2... (-3 for missing items and +1 for extra item).

I watched the movie "Sicko" last night. I REALLY think that EVERYONE should see this movie. It is Michael Moore. I know that many people do not like him for some of the stuff he has done, but I really think he is trying to be the voice of the people when the people don't know what is going on. His movies, especially this one, are trying to make a point and somewhat educate the people of the US about things that are important.... he is sort of like a news reporter that is very persistent. Sure, some of the stuff is a bit melodramatic, but it helps make the point. This movie, more so than any others, is important to EVERYONE!

Anyway, there was my soapbox speech.

Back to me :)

I am still sore though. Anything that moves the appendix area of the body hurts. So, bathroom trips are an interesting task. The only thing that I have going for me is that some of my MS medication dulls pain, so I am not feeling as much pain.

Well, that's it, I guess. Done talking. L8er.

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