Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just late night with no one to talk to...

Sub this is my voice recognition program and I suck at it. So I've spent more time correcting what I have said then speaking. But I guess it should say that my computer is worse at it than I am. But I still have my hands on the keyboad knowing all the mistakes aren't going to make speaking since I've had a few Sailors and coke

Is so I was looking at the pictures that go cross my TV screen it is the all the pictures that I have taken with a digital camera are in one folder debts rotates over my TV screen when the TVs on and not in use. Or so it had a little draw that it hasn't had in the past, hence the drinking, It is funny how you notice things that you should would have noticed before. My wife gets enthralled by the TV screen my mother gets enthralled by the TV screen all three of my daughters get enthralled by the TV screen and I noticed as much as it took to install it and design it that way. Sucks to be me. I am pretty much an idiot most of the time.

And this is my first true voice recognition blog. I apologize to 4 miswording vs misspelling. But that phrase has taken me 10 to plus attempts still getting it wrong so backspace and delete and im so impressed it got backspace and delete correct.

The pictures that I saw and I haven't seen in a very long time and now I understand why my wife, mother, and children become fixated on the TV when this is running. In this class ad to see those years and not be able to remember much of them myself. I will leave it at that so as to not cry.

I saw a new movie well it is not new but is more than a decade old but is the only movie that I know of that is about multiple sclerosis oh my god its belt multiple sclerosis correctly. But it is a movie named quote go now unquote. It was not released in the United States so I had to buy it as APAL copy and convert it to the NT SC format that the United States uses were used to use. Regardless my computer to read a pal copy. I read it ripped it and played it back through my TV that is currently playing pictures of my children. It was almost unbearable to watch. Only those that have an illness that's manifests itself like multiple sclerosis would know.

Unfortunately I noticed that my title says multiple sclerosis chiefs Ms. Zhu oracle. Unfortunately I do not too much oracle anything being disabled like I am. And everything seems revolve around multiple sclerosis. Looking at for my eyes it seems logical and predictable but to my eyes also if a clean socks. Sound that last phrase out and figure out what I said.

So long to my late night. I will see if I can find something else to do more somewher else to wither. You may notice some words are not reasonable but that's what makes this blocg interesting is to try to figure it out.