Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A lot more stuff going on

Been way too long, but I have been incredibly busy (especially for someone who is disabled). I have a lot of things going on and a lot of people vying for my attention and help.

Funny thing. I went out to a coffee shop to talk to a guy I met who needed some help with database design… something that takes me about 30 minutes to do in his case. And when I was there, we were in a quiet corner with only one person around and that guy got up, introduced himself and told me all about how he needed my type of help, too. Looked almost like it was staged or something, but it was 2 different types of business and I am not sure why you would want to introduce someone, that you need help from, to someone else that could take up his time or pull him away…. Dunno. Kind of flattering, regardless. But, I seem to be running into a lot of people that would really like my help. Sucks that I really can’t work in a structured manner anymore.

I have been getting donations of computers lately and rebuilding them. I take the computers and give them to people that cannot afford them. It is pretty cool. But, the computer donations I have been getting have been 10 year old computers or more. They are hard to rebuild since even I have few parts for that age of computer. And, those computers will not be able to run newer applications, especially the notoriously huge footprint of Microsoft software.

It is fun to give them away, but I do run into those that think I am trying to scam them by asking for computer donations. I have been trading emails with someone who is convinced that I am a scammer! Funny since I have fought the scamming having reported it to the police/website administrators on multiple occasions.

Health-wise, I am doing okay. I am in a bit a manic phase right now. I staid up from this past Saturday morning until Sunday night. Monday, I was wiped out and went to bed at 8pm which I cannot remember ever having done since I was a kid. I am generally a midnight bed person.

Besides the manic stuff, I am having major weakness in my legs when I get up, really needing a cane, but relying on falling to let me know I cannot stand ;) I also have a lot of weekness in my leg arms and shakes in my hand. The shakes are really annoying when I am trying to build computers and such.

Well that is all I feel like talking about now. My saga is ongoing and not that interesting for most although very therapeutic for myself.