Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Late Night

I haven't added anything in a while, though I keep thinking about it. I have been way too tired to do it. I know that sounds like an excuse, but it is really true.

I get home from work, change my clothes, and plop down on my couch... I get up to prep my shot or to have a cig or bathroom trip, but that is about it. It pretty much puts me in a down mood knowing that I should be doing something productive, but the MS is telling me no.

Yes, I said cigs and yes, I know. My last party with IV Steriods messed me up... I was acting all kinds of frantic, psychotic, crazy and went back to cigs. I had not had a cig all year, then in June, that all changed.

So, no self-medication (alcohol) going on, so that is an improvement. I had really gotten bad there for a while.

So, now I am having problems with being so tired and fatigued... not sure if that is a small MS exacerbation or it is the status quo that I have not accepted yet, or just being me and spending too much time working. Either way, it sucks.

That is all I got for today... maybe more tomorrow.

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